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    Bill Clinton details why he is so excited to be a new grandpa. Bill Clinton describes how happy he is it be a grandpa and what he felt when he held the newborn for the first [...]
  • Bob & Tom
    Congrats to Here Come the Mummies for their appearance on Sunday Night Football on NBC as bumper music. Watch the chosen song, Pants, from their live appearance on the BOB [...]

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  • She is a 2-year old rockstar who has a best friend names Elsa that goes around with her everywhere, you just have to ask to see her.  In February this year Edie had a fever [...]
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    Chrissie Hynde is going ona North American tour and will be heading to Salt Lake City,UT on November 24th, right around the holidays and we have the details. Chrissie Hynde [...]

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