Baseball or Pool Party

Post season for Major League Baseball is just around the corner with the last two spots being filled for division champions. Each of the teams are celebrating their success in their own “watered down” way.

Regular season is coming to a close and fans are more than ready to see who will get the championship victory this year.

Last night, the wild card position was taken by the Arizona Diamondbacks in a 3-2 victory against the Miami Marlins. If anyone can remember back to 2013, the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated clinching NL West in the 2013 by jumping into the famous Chase Field pool in outfield. The Diamondbacks were less than pleased at this display. 

dodgers and diamondback players jumping into pool at chase field
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Well the 2017 season brought wins across the board for the Diamondbacks and they were able to claim their pool back from the Dodgers in their own victory party. Followed by plenty of beer and champagne showers back in the locker room.

Anyone else wondering which goggle company sponsorsthis?

diamondbacks celebrate their NL Wild Card Win in pool
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