Above the Call Recognizes Richard Spencer

Above the Call Recognizes Richard Spencer

Above the Call is a new event with Rich Broadcasting to thank law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and others for their service.
Above the Call will take place every Wednesday and we will be honoring someone in service to thank them for all they do. You can nominate someone, if they win, they will receive a plaque with their name on it. We are excited for the opportunity to thank those that make sacrifices everyday for us.

The person who nominated Richard Spencer said this about him:

He has been my mentor since I became a volunteer for search and rescue and a fireman for Chubbuck. He is the one that got me to get my emt license so I can help people in their time of need. He goes to every training out their so he can be the best of what he does. He packs two pages all the time to be able to help everyone. When he went down a heart attack people from all agency’s in the area from law inforcement, ems,and fire wanted to know how he was doing and what they could do to help. This shows how he has made an out standing benefit to the people of bannock county and the people that travel though. He does what he does not for the pay but as he puts it he loves to help people when they are having their worst day. This is why he volunteers the hours 24/7 that he does. I hope you will look at him. I know of no person who deserves this more then him. Please fill free to contact me about him.

Above the Call is made possible with gratitude and appreciation from Rich Broadcasting, Pocatello Nissan Kia and KPVI 6.

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