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I’ve heard of hazing in before, but ACCIDENTALLY locking a member in a cave? This is a new one.

A little background on this club at Indiana University. I found the Cave Club’s website,  and of course got some pretty good info. They allow generally anyone into this club, where you can learn about climbing, caves, and how to survive three days without food and water after being left behind!

The membership fees come out to $20 a year, food and water are not included though.

webpage from indiana universitty's cave club


So back to the original story, this club is under some serious investigation after the 12 man group left behind one of their members and padlocked the entrance closed. The team went to Sullivan Cave on September 17th when the member,19-year-old Lukas Cavar, was left inside.

Cavar had no cell phone reception, and no food or water since this was not intended on being a 60-hour campout for the college student. He was able to survive the three days by drinking water off of the rocks inside the cave.

“Two club leaders returned to the cave and rescued Cavar on Sept. 19 after learning that his parents had filed a missing person report with university police.” Source – Chicago Tribune 

The club has been open since the 1950s and they are reported to be making some serious changes to avoid this from happening again in the future.

Don’t worry though, Cavar is doing well and did not suffer any injuries. Not even miner ones. 😉