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I am from Utah and grew up in a radio family so I guess you could say I have been in radio my whole life, my wife says radio is in my DNA LOL. When I am not working I’m spending time with my awesome family!! I have kids, YES that’s a lot. There’s a lot going on at my house LOL. Thank goodness for my great wife Kristine, she works as a full time nurse. She is the best. I really love to cook especially on my Traeger grill. Some fun things I like to do are play gold, hockey, snow and water ski, camping, fishing, boating and going to concerts, it’s great to see bands live.

Dylan is a true radio pro who has burned up the radio dial in places like Phoenix, Ariz.; Wilmington, N.C.; and Boise, Idaho. When Dylan is not on the radio, she is front row or backstage enjoying concerts, sampling the local brew pubs and taking her malamute rescue dog “Conan,” like barbarian, for walks. Ask Dylan to tell you the story about hitting drunk rock stars in the forehead with her microphone.

Who is Howie Rock? He’s just a guy that can’t seem to shake radio. Believe us, he tried. Howie started doing radio at the age of 15 working at a small station in Idaho. When he decided he needed a real job, he tried to redirect his talents as a cable TV installer but he was apparently afraid of heights, so he tried a glass shop. That didn’t end well either and he is still paying off the bad luck from walking under too many ladders while breaking mirrors. The situation was no better for him at the vanadium plant, the detail shop or the fast food joint. So, he went back to radio, to do what he does best, radio. He eventually found his way to The Rock and we built a special padded studio for him.