Everything A (Gentle)Man Should Know For The Holidays

Til the season to be generous and good cheer! But what can a man do this season in particular that can set him apart as a gentleman? Here is a collection of everything a gentleman should know for the holidays.

  1. Bring an extra jacket just in case your lady gets cold. Keep an extra coat in your car or wear it as an additional layer. Chances are that your woman will be grateful and see you as being generous if you offer her your jacket.
  2. Volunteer to hang up the Christmas lights. Prove you’re capable of doing some handiwork around the house. And hey, it’s a good excuse you have to climb on the house!
  3. Listening to Christmas music is completely fine. Christmas music means that you are keeping up with society and are ready to enjoy festivities.
  4. ¬†Carry a handkerchief. This is a classic gentleman move, but nobody ever complained about it, right? ‘Tis the season for sniffles and runny noses.
  5. Heat the car before picking up your lady. Even if she lives with you, she will appreciate entering a warm car, and starting off a date on a good foot is always the best.
  6. Know when it’s appropriate to wear tacky holiday sweaters. An ugly sweater party is fun, but it may not be appropriate at the Christmas dinner table. There are plenty of nice winter sweaters, socks, and other gear. Just remember the phrase, “It’s better to dress up than dress down.”
  7. Tip well. A gentleman recognizes the work of others and is generous with tipping. It doesn’t matter if you are at a bar or restaurant, or picking up your car from the valet, offering a tip is gracious.
  8. Get a real Christmas tree and put it up. Be authentic and use your muscles by getting a good-smelling evergreen! This is a kind way to show you don’t mind helping out and that you enjoy the holiday cheer.
  9. Do service. Shovel the neighbor’s driveway, help in a soup kitchen, etc. If you are struggling to feel jolly, the best way to change this is to find some service.