12 Fun Holiday Pranks And Gag Gifts

Tis the season for good tidings and good pranks.

Halloween is not going to be the only holiday that gets to do some tricks, here are 12 pranks you can pull or gag gifts you can give to your family.

1. Finger Nail Polish Santa

This one is a personal story from one of our interns, Brittany.

“As a child, my family had the tradition that on Christmas Eve, all the children would sleep in the same room. One time in my young teenage years, I woke up in the middle of the night and began painting my brothers’ fingernails with bright, neon pink fingernail polish.

I must have bumped into someone because he turned over and semi-consciously mumbled and asked why I was awake. I hoped he would go back to sleep, but when I didn’t give him a good answer, he further asked why it smelled like fingernail polish.I tried to convince him that it didn’t and he was just sleepy, but he was so insistent that he got louder and louder and eventually woke everyone up.

The next thing I knew, someone turned on the lights, and all my brothers saw their brightly painted fingernails. They immediately began shouting and hitting me with pillows. That’s when my mom came into the room, angry that we were awake and fighting at 2:30 AM. Everyone tried to justify their cause, but we all still got reprimanded.

Christmas morning came soon enough, and we discovered that there was no fingernail polish remover in the house. All shops and stores were closed for the holidays, so I suppose my little fingernail prank ended better than I could have planned!”

TLDR; paint the nails of the men in the house while they sleep on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to hide the nail polish remover!

2. Gift Not Included

gift not included christmas prank

3. Zip Tie Presents

christmas present prank with zip ties
Runt Of The Web

4. Wrapping Room Decor

bedroom wrapped with wrapping paper for christmas prank

5. Bubble Bath Gag Gift?

prank gift

6. Cotton Ball Cars

cotton ball pranks
Unique Hunters / Pinterest

7. Christmas Present Punishment

christmas presents thrown into fire to prank kids

8. Winter Vandilism

winter pranks snow faces on cars

9. Nesting Doll Style Presents

Russian doll style gift wrapping prank

10. Your Tree Is “Through The Roof”

christmas tree pranks

11.Glitter Bombs

glitter bomb pranks

12. Spread Christmas Cheer