Our Dream (Not So) Date Ideas

The ladies are always asking for “date night” and their tendency to be pretty indecisive leads to us deciding on something we don’t actually want to do.

So if it were really up to us, the realistic dream “dates” are a little different than the ladies would like to imagine. Try to suggest these for the next dinner and a movie, day date, or “active” date you go on.

If you’re anything like the average guy around here, you love sports. Watching sports, going to sporting events, pretending to be good at sports (let’s be honest). The first “dream date” we could think of is none other than Sunday Night Football. 

Sitting on the couch with some wings, a soda (or beer), and nothing but the game on full volume sounds like the perfect night. Technically this could be considered dinner and a movie right?

Dinner dates in our mind also might be a bit different than the typical wine and dine-out-night. bbq date

Nothing like a BBQ with the boys to kick off a day “date.” My mouth is already watering just thinking about the steak, ribs, hamburgers, and so many other items that could be thrown on the grill. (Add some more sports in the background and we won’t complain.)

Date night has three main categories; movies, dinner, and some sort of activity. What better activity than a pickup game. Like I said, we love everything sports, especially pretending we know how to play them.

Like I said, we love everything sports, especially pretending we know how to play them. Get a little 6 on 6, or 3 on 3 going on in the local outside court gets you active and close.

But let’s be real here. These all sound great, but if we tried to get any of these going for “date night” I am pretty sure there wouldn’t be anymore. A guy can dream, right?



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