Looks To Expect For “No Shave November”

I am convinced that Mustache May and No Shave November (or Movember) are the least favored months of the year by the ladies, but we still love to participate.

Here are the 5 types of facial hair you are bound to see this November:

The “BYU”

This is a classic, especially in Provo and Rexburg. It screams “honor code” and “I can’t grow facial hair anywhere but my upper lip”

Mustache facial hair on a man
Wikimedia Commons

The “Ricky Bobby”

I feel like if this image wasn’t cut off… we would see him fumbling with his hands. 

no shave november facial hair mustache

The “Of Course I’ll Call You”

…. let’s be real. He isn’t going to call.

man with 5 oclock shadow no shave

The “I Stopped Shaving Before It Was A Trend”

This is the guy who was born with the genetics to have 5 o’clock shadow at 8 am right after shaving. We know it only took you two weeks to grow that beautiful beard, but stop bragging.

man with facial hair

The “I’m Trying To Win A Bet”

The guy that can’t grow facial hair, but still tries every November to prove a point to his boys.

patchy beard

No Shave November is all fun and games, but the real purpose behind it is to help raise awareness, and funds, for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

There are multiple sites who host fundraisers and sponsorships for people who participate so please check them out. A very common one is Movember.com. Go to the site to find out more info.