Phil Collen Says Def Leppard Tour With Tesla and Poison Will Honor Each Band’s ‘Integrity’

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There are plenty of reasons for classic-rock fans to see Def Leppard‘s package tour with Poison and Tesla — the most compelling of which probably boils down to the opportunity to get some extra bang for one’s concert-going buck. But as far as Lep guitarist Phil Collen‘s concerned, these dates represent something far more important.

“I actually see it as a celebration of the integrity of these three bands,” Collen told New England Concert Reviews (via Blabbermouth). “For the most part, they are original members. It’s like, this is the same Def Leppard that put out Hysteria. Well, obviously, Steve Clark passed away, but it’s the same band — it’s not like a bunch of different guys in there.”

As Collen went on to concede, the theme of “the same, but a little bit different” also applies to Tesla — but he pointed out that “the four guys in Poison are the same four guys that started Poison,” underscoring his argument for the tour as “a celebration of integrity.” And even if these groups have had to tinker with their lineups a little over the years, he sees the fact that they’re still standing as no small thing.

“A lot of other bands, they disappear,” Collen said. “This is as real as it gets. This is real integrity, it’s a real band doing their stuff, it’s not karaoke by any means, and it’s also a tribute to being the last ones standing. A lot of bands have fallen off by the wayside, but these three bands are here and I’m really appreciating that.”

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