Stupid Criminal Spotlight

//Stupid Criminal Spotlight

Stupid Criminal Spotlight

This has to be the equivalent of a girl walking into a party and seeing someone else with the same outfit. Attempted criminal, Ernest Ramirez II, tried to rob a Pizza Parlor that had already been looted only 2 hours prior.

Pizza Chalet in Covina, California had anything but a normal Tuesday morning. The day started with the pizza parlor being robbed just around 2 a.m. The unknown criminal broken the glass on the door and got away with around $1,500.

A few hours later, while the owner was cleaning up the broken glass, Ramirez walked into the restaurant with a knife in hand, demanding their money. Ramirez noticed the officers outside and tried to duck behind the counter but it was too late.

After a quick brawl and an attempt to stop him with his taser, the police got Ramirez into custody. The officers on the scene are still attempting to track down the original perpetrator.

I couldn’t help but have a few follow-up questions for this, which will sadly never be answered. First, how do you not notice the already shattered door leading into the restaurant?

Also, I checked out the store hours for Pizza Chalet, and they are not open 24 hours a day, so was Ramirez simply walking by the crime scene and decided to test out his knife skills? I think the cartoon below is how he envisioned this going down.

Not sure what happens in the mind of a criminal, but this definitely qualifies as top 10 dumbest. At least something was accomplished.

cartoon criminal sitting on safe of money

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Source: The San Gabriel Valley Tribune


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