The Who’s Who At Rich With Talent Competition!

Who’s Who at the Rich with Talent Competition

The 2014 Rich with Talent Competition will blow your mind with everything from fiddlers to singers to hip hop dancers. We at Rich Broadcasting are hosting the talent show of the year at Huntsman Springs for “Celebrate America.” Here’s the inside scoop on some of the performers.


Megan Amorino – The Singer

Megan Amorino - Rich Talent CompetitionMegan Amorino is a 23-year-old singer from Allentown, Pennsylvania. She has been singing since she was a toddler and started taking private voice lessons when she was 7-years-old. Throughout her early stages of performing, she was entered into local talent competitions. Her love of musical theater started when she was 10-years-old as she involved herself in the community theater. She soon realized her love of the arts and competed in regional choir competitions, being selected for State Choirs as one of the youngest members from her high school.

She has performed in shows like Les Miserables, starring as Cosette and South Pacific starring as lead Nelly Forbush.  After graduating high school, she continued to endeavor in the music scene obtaining a minor in Vocal Performance. She’s received quite the response on her cover of The Script’s song “Breakeven.”

In addition to singing, Megan enjoys dancing (to the beat of her own drum), reading thriller/suspense novels, watching movies and most importantly eating good food. She aspires to become a Veterinarian Technician because of her love for animals. She hopes to continue performing throughout the years and be able to inspire others through music.


Andrew Kemp – The Rapper

Andrew Kemp - Rich Talent CompetitionAndrew Kemp is a 25-year-old rapper from Rexburg, Idaho by way of Hartford, Connecticut who came on the scene in 2013 with his demo “A-Sides Rd. 2.” With the local radio success of songs like “Rise Up” and “Hometown Hero Remix,” it was only a matter of time for the long time collaborator with fellow rapper Preston Lee to branch out on his own and tell his story. After numerous rap ciphers, battles, and collaborations with other high school kids, Kemp began confining most of his raps to his notebook and began saving, penny by penny, to afford studio time.

Finally in 2013, after many long years of saving and overcoming multiple personal obstacles, Kemp’s demo “A-Sides Rd. 2″ was released to the public. “A-Sides Rd. 2″ was very successful on a local level helping Kemp play to near sold out crowds at local venues in Idaho and Utah. Quotes like “at a Kemp show, everyone is family,” “We dance together, sing together. We’re one cohesive unit,” can always be heard after attending one of his performances.

His live performing success has also allowed him to jump back in the studio with producers Randy Slaugh and Kenneth Amacher to produce his debut EP “Empty” currently available on Bandcamp. This 8 song debut showcases Kemp’s lyrical abilities over instrumentals by the famous Dopant Beats. Kemp’s ability to tackle subjects like religion, self-loathing, identity, and free thinking have propelled him to the forefront of rappers on the come up. The lead single “No Novocaine,” features local singer Alyssa Lemmon and has gained a small following locally.

The Conspiracy Theory Crew – The Dance Group

Trio Conspiraspy Theory - Rich Talent CompetitionThe Conspiracy Theory Crew was formed not just because of the love they had for dance but also because of their everlasting friendship.  With six members originating from California, Utah, Hawaii and as far as Hong Kong, they have enjoyed entertaining Idaho the past few months.  Kioa Delos Reyes formed the crew that specializes in every aspect of dance in the Hip Hop genre.

With training also in modern, contemporary, ballet and other styles they infuse all of these into one performance for any crowd.  Even though the crew just formed in April some of its members have been friends for over six years. All are students at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg and balancing the crew, work, school and other activities can be very difficult.  Against the odds, they still find time to practice their art and perfect their choreography.

Delos Reyes says, “One of the main reasons the crew was formed was to teach each other our own different styles.  They each specialize in a certain style of Hip Hop that everyone could learn something new everyday.”  In a span of three months they will have completed seven different performances and are very excited to share their talents with as many people as they can.  The Conspiracy Theory Crew hopes everyone will be moving and dancing with them while they rock the stage.